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⓵ The "Sticky Paper Method"

Using the "Sticky Paper Method" to save 20 hrs/wk in the business

⓷ The Right People

How to find the right people to delegate your tasks to so they can delivery top quality.

⓹ Audacious Goals

How to replace useless goals with achieving audacious, predictable targets

⓶ The ONLY Two Things

The only 2 things that top businesses have to run without the owner

⓸ Vacation

How to go from overworked to 2 months vacation, with more profit.

⓺ 1-Day a Week

How to run your business in 1-day a week, so your company successfully runs without you.

Standardized Operations

From documenting your execution procedures to end-to-end business use cases, standardized operations is the engine to solving any problem in a business.

"You're the first person, in 16 years, that was able to address our problems. We were leaving millions of dollars on the table!"
Founder/CEO, VIP Ignite
"Aristotel helped me map out the next step in my business and move in the direction that I want - insanely valuable!"
Founder/CEO, Brainstorm Solutions

Strategic Planning

Ditching vague goals and define specific targets and actionable execution initiatives. From guess-work to cerntainty.

Managing Projects

Increase the productivity of your team and get things done according to your timeline. All using templates and processes that can scale as you grow. 

"You've helped give me clarity and structure to scale to where I want to go and have decisions done the right way. I didn't expect to get so much value!!"
Founder/CEO, Attract to Scale
"Aristotel revolutionized the whole system of operation I use in my company. Now I can see clearly!"
Founder/CEO, Medical Capital

Building a Team

From identifying the positions you need to fill prioritized by ROI, to hiring, onboarding and delegating. All standardized and measured.

Leading Managers

The ultimate frontier on your journey to freedom. Creating a leadership team that can take over the management and then directing off your hands.

"Aristotel walked me through a model of operating, without me having to do all the heavy lifting by myself. Now I can take on more clients, without having that additional work."
CEO/Founder, The Automation Artist

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