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Building and managing a software business should NOT suck up all your time! 🤯

Here’s the right balance…

You don’t need to hire (more) managers…

You don’t need to micromanage…

And you also don’t need to drown in creating procedures for every single little thing that you may not even use in the future…

What you need is to give your team the right tools, apps, and reports that facilitate communication and automatically track a log of actions completed.

Tools like Slack, Trello, Zendesk, and Google Docs have something in common.

A natural workflow of how information flows from who is asking for something to the person providing it.

A way to chat and co-work easily right there, on those activities.

Don’t overcomplicate or automate TOO MUCH, until the tasks you do become natural.

Early on, you need room to love work, to make it part of your life, to allow your team members to feel comfortable, to focus on the results, on the client.

What are your favorite tools to manage your business, and which ones you’ve let go of because they overcomplicated things for you?

I did have another client in the past, which no company was, was under him, like everybody was reporting to him.

30 people I don’t know, it was very, very different.

It was exhausting for him because at the same time he was trying to get funding at the same time he was trying to acquire different companies.

So it’s, it was hard.

So at that point, when I came in, I joined that company as a consultant, I took over as an interim CEO, everybody started reporting to me instead of him.

And then I started to actually create exactly these types of processes, these types of workflows.

People started working together, every team had a proper tool that was integrated both sides of people who were providing the work and people that were expecting the war, every comment was in there, believe me, that made it so much easier.

And that founder did not ever continue even to manage the development team and I was able to remove myself out of it.

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