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Are you concerned about people will steal your idea? Here’s why hiding it is the WORSE move!

Early on, most founders have so much mindset and focus shift to make, that any additional effort, that is NOT critical, must be avoided!

This is the no 1 reason why software business fail:

Instead of building a product they love, they have to learn to completely understand the problem and work with the customer on how a solution should look like.

Here are some activities that you MUST FOCUS ON:

– getting comfortable talking with customers
– ask them questions and get to the root of their problem
– do market research to understand what alternatives are out there already
– create content to stir the interest of the ideal audience on social media
– learn to tell stories, because stories are the key to selling- overcome the fear of paying and delegating

See? You have so many things to do, that HIDING your idea is not only not needed, but it WILL stop you from focusing and even execute on the above critical matters.

Is there any other critical reason in your situation that makes you think that you still think you should have to hide it?

You have so much to do.

So there are so many things for you to validate people to talk to so many important things that you have to do.

And you’re concerned about privacy and you’re concerned about protecting your idea from the customers themselves.

I mean, if it would be an enterprise app, or something like that, even at that point, you can just write an NDA Altona said, just write a small NDA.

Please don’t tell other people about it.

You know, I’ve put a lot of effort into this and, you know, make it friendly, and just go and talk to them.

I mean, you’re, you’re just killing the idea in itself from the fact that you’re trying to protect it from the customer.

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