What does it mean when you don’t want to pay

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Would you jump on the chance to buy a brand new Tesla if it was on sale for $5000?

Or would you say … Nah, it’s too expensive…

I think you would sell all the crap you can find around, get on your credit cards, ask for a loan from your mother or grandmother, and get that damn amazing Tesla!!

Worst case scenario, you would sell it, pay off your loans, and cash in.
When you buy something over $1000, you do it because you’re thinking of the return it will bring you.

I know so many people that can make $100/hr, but cross the border from Vancouver to Seattle to waste an entire day ($800) to save $100.

No, I didn’t add the gas cost, car maintenance, stress, etc, etc.

Now think about the biggest goals for your life. How important are they? How valuable would it be to achieve them faster?

Put a number on it. Not how much would you be willing to pay, but how much would it worth if money was not in discussion.

When you’re thinking about building something that you really believe in, something you will always regret not doing or trying, go for the best return. The highest chance of success.

Don’t look at money, because money replenishes. Believe in yourself that it DOES.

Look at the value of your goal, and at your belief that you will get done what it takes with the right resources.

I am the guy that was buying groceries crossing the border, and later paying $50,000 on coaches when having $150,000 in credit cards and lines of credit debt, $500,000 on the mortgage, and no work.

Why? Because I believed in myself. More than ever, I believed that if success can be achieved, and others did it, there was no way I couldn’t.

So I went all in.

How committed to you to your dreams and honoring your calling? And how much are you rather committed without knowing to fear?

When you’re thinking about doing something building something that you really believe in, get the thing that is going to get you the highest chance of success.

Don’t look at money, because money replenishes you can get a credit card even if it has high interest.

You can get lines of credit.

If you believe in yourself if you believe in your potential.

If you believe that that person that is going to help you is a really solid one, then there’s absolutely no reason for you to fail.

Absolutely no reason

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